Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Weary Wednesday

Today dashed by in a flash. So much to do and get done. I taught in the morning then we packed things in the afternoon when 6th graders went out and 3 kids were in speech. I also stayed until 5 o'clock tonight. I got a good bit done. We had a huge dumpster at school today so we could put things in there that needed to be purged from our classrooms. Many of us are moving within the building and many are moving to the middle school. I am drained right now but wanted to use this cute Hambo free digital image, especially for Hope. Hi Hope! Hi Rose! Check out my card today. It was made just for you! LOL

Thanks for being such a great sport about this Hope!  August will be here before you know it and you'll be teasing me!
Blessing for today: God got me through the many hours of packing.  I'm wearing, sore, and tired but happy to have gotten so much done on a cooler day than yesterday.
Thanks for stopping by.

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The "infamous" Hope said...

Hey, no problem being a good sport ... I can take it as well dish it out, my friend!!!! Actually I just may have to start my "back to school" countdown your FIRST day of summer vacation so you can see how quickly they will fly by before you are back to work!!! [INSERT EVIL LAUGH HERE]!!!