Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday and the kids and I went into work today to do some packing. We got all but a 2-drawer file cabinet packed. I wanted to make sure that we got most of it done so we won't stress trying to get it done while attending practices, programs for graduation and field trips. Speaking of field trips, Friday I went on the Nautica Queen with the 6th grade. That's a traditional field trip I guess. It's a lunch and dance cruise. They serve pizza and a chocolate chip cookie. Then the kids were set free to dance, and explore the boat. We were just one of many schools there. Here's a picture of the boat we were on.

It poured for some of the time we were on the cruise and some of the kids stood out in the rain.....When we left the ship, it was pouring so we got soaked running through a huge puddle to the bus.  We were pretty uncomfortable for the way home....the end to a perfect day, not!   Our students were pretty good for the most part.  I had a headache when I got back to work.  Good thing we got to leave with the kids.

I made a few cards today.  The first one is for the Inspiration challenge on Splitcoast. I sometimes leave cards blank so I can add the  occasion stamp later.  This is a Eureka stamp that I just received.  
Another stamp that I got recently from Eureka is this cute cat.  I got the directions for the background here at Debbie's site. This is called the Chevron technique.  It takes a bit of time but seemed worth it.  I added versamark then iridescent ice.  It's sparkly.  I colored the cat with daffodil and was disappointed how dark it is compared the to the background cardstock and ribbon.
Here's the other card that I made using some kids paper for the background. I also added a mini pearl for her belly button.
Here's the card I made yesterday.  The background and water are sponged with different colors of the ink.  Thinkin' about sending this to Hope.  Maybe that would be too cruel.  What do you think?

I stamped a bit with Jane today.  She made some real beauties.  I'll post them soon.
Thanks for stopping by today.
Blessing for today:God a lot of packing at work done.
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