Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another Busy Day Hope....Tee really!

This morning I got up early(8:15) and got ready to go to the doctor for a checkup.  With taking medications come bloodwork and checkups.  I don't know WHO made the appt. so early in the morning!  Anyway, I went very worried that the blood work would show problems.  To my surprise, it didn't!  Praise God that was the case.  I told my nurse practitioner that I worried for the last two days about this appt.  Once again shows that worrying does nothing but give you headaches.

After that I went to one of my favorite places, Hollo's in Brunswick.  That's always a treat to see what new things they have, or who the mother of the group who own the place, is yelling at. LOL  Seems she always has something to say to her kids who work with her.

Next it was haircut time.  While there a man actually called for directions to the store!  Woot, woot!  To be fair, he was from out of town.  Just the same he called for directions.  I saw the humor in this but Tim didn't when I told him. :)

Then it was time for lunch and then a trip to the gas station to fill up the rental I've had all week.  Do any of you have a Ford Explorer?  Well, it was a 2013 Explorer and I found the gas tank, but couldn't find the release.  I was looking all over the driver's side for it.  Meanwhile I've pulled up to the pump and must look like a nut case looking for the latch for the gas tank.
  So, I take out the manual and read......push on the door about an inch from the back.  OK, what door?  Again I get out of this big, honkin' truck and look for the secret door I'm to push.  Do you have it yet?  Do you know how to open the gas tank?  Yep, that's right, the gas tank door!  DUH!  I felt so foolish touching this truck all over to find the secret spot to push to open the gas tank door! LOL  I'm sure if the person inside had been watching, they'd have thought I stole the thing and was filling the tank to make a getaway!

Next errand was to return the big, honkin' truck and pick up my own, fixed van.  It's new but I know where the gas tank release is on it!

By the time I got home a friend called and we visited for a while.  By then it was time to make dinner and greet Tim as he came in the door.

It was interesting, remember the post about feeling less stress with kids not here?  Well Tim told me the exact same thing tonight.  Interesting that we both feel the peace.  In time I know we'll be empty nesters and hating it.

Here's the card I made for the ways to use it challenge, make a kids card.  This reminds me of my twin and I when we were little....always together. Now we live in different states so we don't see each other much at all. Wish I could find a stamp that says, Miss You.
Anyway this was colored with copic markers after being stamped with memento black ink.
I found several interesting sayings, so I'll leave you with that for the night.
Thanks for stopping by tonight. 
Blessing for Today: I found the gas tank! LOL (Can you imagine telling the rental company that I couldn't open the gas tank to fill the tank to give the car back to them?)

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