Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4th Independence Day

Remember to pray for soldiers now who serve and those who have served.  Some gave the greatest gift they had, themselves.
Today has been a laid-back day.  We had a cookout with Tim's Dad. He came around 11:30 and left about 4.  What a wonderful time to talk and hear some of his stories.  We're seeing that there's so much more to him than we had seen all these years.  He must have just played the background while Tim's mom was alive. Now we're getting to see who he really is. :) 
I have been working on cards for Saturday's Open House.  Here's another one:
I was making a few Christmas cards for my Open House and was cutting out the ovals for the words. I embossed the piece that was left when I punched out the oval and added it to the card as a frame around the oval. I used raspberry ripple paper behind the oval. The dp is Candlelight Christmas, a new paper from Stampin' Up which can be ordered Aug. 1st, with the Christmas set Joyous Celebrations.
I ended up taking a nap which I don't usually do.  There was a heat warning today...and I think we got to 95 degrees today. I stayed out on the porch with the fan on high as long as I could, then I had to come inside.  I was so tired from the heat that I slept 4 hours!  

No fireworks locally, it's gotten too expensive for insurance. Downtown Cleveland has them but kids don't especially like them so that with the heat, is a no brainer, we're here at home.

If you listen to the words in this video, you'll hear that we're here to make a change, a change from New York to LA.....we need a change here in America.  Let's all think about what we can do to make this world a better place right where we are.

Blessing Today:Tim's Dad came to celebrate with us, and it was wonderful!

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