Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little by Little I Get Things Done

Yesterday I had a physical therapist who was new to the office I was in. She said she didn't know what the abbreviations stood for so I tried to help as much as I could but I didn't remember every exercise I had to do.  So I got done in half the time without so much effort and sweat.

Sarah's friend Hannah is here and she's a vegetarian.  It's been an interesting experience for us.We had meatless chili tonight and I couldn't tell the difference. I don't know what it was that was in the package I used, but it looked like hamburger meat! I told Hannah she's done some good things for us.

Ben had the energy to meet with the director of Hope In The City and will start Thursday by going to a function they hold at a park.  We'll see how he likes it.  Right now this is volunteer, but who knows where this will lead.

We had Bible Study on the porch last night and Maryanne sat in the chair that faces the bird feeders and garden.  Part way through the study she shouted out, "Look, there's a hummingbird, I've never seem a hummingbird before!"  We laughed cuz that's what I do during dinner conversations.

Today I took the kids to work with me to sort out the boxes in my room. It was quite a job but we got it done in two hours.  Tomorrow Ben and I get down to business and move some furniture and start getting boxes emptied.

Here's a card I made for the color challenge yesterday on SCS. The colors were red, indigo and wisteria. I love these hedgehogs by Penny Black.  This is from a stamp Pam let me stamp when she was here Monday.
This cute little guy is a Popcorn the Bear, Father's Day stamp.  I made it for a guy named Sol who is the recipient of cards from Mother Mark's Teapot Challenge.  Once a week someone is chosen to receive cards due to illness or other circumstances.  You do the challenge and if you want to send the card to the person listed, you can. I just love the little duck in the picture......that's how I feel sometimes.
Ben is getting more and more done these days.  He helped at school today and has been in and out doing things.  Love to see him getting back to his, young, old self.  Food intake is increasing as well.

I'm still working on this in my life but thought I'd share it with you.
This was a great reminder to me.  Right now I'm in a time when I don't feel the closeness of God.  I long for it again.
Loved this picture. I keep telling my kids that they'll never know the joy and responsibility of kids until they have their own.  Then they will realize why we are as protective as we are.  Can't wait to witness that time in their lives.
 Sarah and her friends enjoyed an afternoon of swimming at a friend's house.  Love that she is surrounded by such great kids.
Today we had another heat advisory today.  Glad we have air conditioning and a pool!
Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter than today.  Sure don't want to see the electric bill for this month!

Here's a song by Toby Mac called Tonight. Listen to it and follow the words. I hope it gives you a lift today like it has done for me.

Thanks for stopping by.
Blessing for Today: Ben got out and did some physical work for me for the first time since he's been home from the hospital last Thursday.


Beth aka BR-T said...

Thanks for all the inspiration pieces and your penny black card is darling!

Leslie Miller said...

You have lots to share today! Such cute cards and inspirational photos, as well. Sounds busy at your place. Same here. Different activities, but never a dull moment.