Saturday, September 1, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

The Simple Woman's Daybook

 I can't remember the last time I wrote this, so here goes:
 The Simple Woman’s Daybook FOR TODAY September 1, 2012

 Outside My is looking like it will be a warm, cloudy day.  Plan to swim today with friends.

 I am thinking...that it is nice when kids go away for the weekend with a church retreat and Tim and I get alone time.

 I am thankful husband who said he'd go to Storm Proofing Your Marriage at church so we can continue to have a strong marriage.

 From the kitchen...all is quiet, but not for long since DH will be home with groceries soon.

 I am wearing...a t-shirt and bare feet even if it's not still summer vacation.

 I am creating...some cards to make up for the ones I couldn't do this week due to work.

 I am lay low this weekend and try to get rid of my back and hip pain from this week at work.

 I am reading...Becoming Spiritually Mature.

 I am hoping...and praying that my work day gets less physical and emotional.

I am hearing...the Christian music from my laptop which is an encouragement to me.

 One of my favorite reading my Bible and having coffee on the screened in porch.

 A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:Swimming with friends, church, Bible Study and card making.

 Here are some pictures I thought were worth sharing...
This is my first born, Ben. This is the picture I'm using as my avitar on Splitcoast.  I loved these types of clothes with the primary colors rather than blue, boy outfits. I can't believe this was 17 years ago.  Where did that time go?
This is one of Sarah's favorite pictures of her with Grandma Craig.  Grandma is gone now so Sarah asked to have a copy of the photo of the two of them.  This is on the refrigerator.

Blessing of the Day:Time with Tim with no kids's so peaceful and stressfree.
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