Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Retirement Day To Me-A Bittersweet Day To Say The Least


I saw this on FB last night and thought it was perfect for today.  Not only is it my last day of work, but it's for all of my colleagues who are on summer vacation after today.
Just saw this on FB.  It's a song called, This Is Who I Am-
So I put in my last day at my building.  I have 18 more days to work during summer school to finish my 35 years.  Crazy I know, but that's because I started in January not September.
Work was hard today.  I cried during our gathering to wish all who were leaving, good-bye and good luck.  Our staff was so generous.  They gave me a Pandora bracelet, three charms and a gift card to Pat Catan's!  I was truly blessed!
Today was emotionally draining so I will probably go to sleep early.

I saw a baby deer this morning in the tall grass behind our house.  They are so cute at this age. I knew its mom was nearby.
Blessing of the Day: I'm retired from teaching!  My staff was incredibly generous and I felt well-loved and so sad to leave.
Thanks for celebrating with me.

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Susan Carlson said...

Congratulations on your retirement! What are you going to do for those 18 days?!?