Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My Husband is a Hoot!

Today at lunch I got this picture in an email from Tim.  He was sitting in the square in Berea as he often does on nice days at lunchtime.  He was staring at the ice cream shop across the street.  He walked over there looking for something without sugar and saw that they were closed...........:(
I laughed so hard to see this.  It isn't Tim at all.

I have thought of ice cream all day.  Kids at church were walking out with ice cream.  They got it in their high school class.  I was so tempted to stop at DQ on the way home, but I didn't.  Then my kids text to see if they can go to Friendly's for ice cream.    I NEED some ice cream!!!!!!

Got my ice cream today.  It's a family tradition that on the last day of school, we get Drumsticks.  You know what I mean, ice cream cones with nuts on them.  It was just Yummy!
I saw this Tenth Avenue North video today and really liked the message.  Maybe you will too.

Where Life Will Never Die-Tenth Avenue North

One more half day at work and I'm retired!  Hard to believe though.  It will be a bittersweet day to say the least.
Blessing of the Day: Tim's handling of 2 difficult situations last night.
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