Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Guess what? IT'S RAINING! Bet Ya Didn't Know That! LOL

Rain again, can you believe it?  We have flood warnings now.  We're not worried since we live at the top of a hill. The chances of us having water in our home are slim but not impossible if the rain keeps up.  I think we've had rain 16 days in a row.  This has been a crummy summer so far.  We've not been able to get into the pool at all yet and it's July 9th!  Come on already!  We need summer soon.

Had my eye exam today and it went well.  No change in prescription!  That's not happened in a long time so I was celebrating!

I made a cool box tonight to store my Card Ministry stamps in. I found this here. Check these out.
Here's the inside and the outside.  This would make cute gifts tool.  You can see more samples on Glenda's blog.
 Saw this on Pintrest and really liked it.
 Food for thought......
 Don't give up praying.............
 This is one of the sessions Sarah was in at her LIFE 2013 Conference.  This is in St. Louis where thousands of teens from around the country gather to do workshops, have fun, go to concerts and fun things teens like to do.  They come back different people in Jesus.  It's an amazing conference!

Here's the newest song by Newsboys called, I Want To Live With Abandon.  Take a listen....sorry no lyrics.  It's also only about a minute here, though the song is longer.  Anyway listen and enjoy it's message.

Blessing for today:No new glasses needed.
Tim got some quality time with Brianna.
I got some quality time with Ben.
Thanks for dropping in.

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Susan Carlson said...

It's raining here, too. Oh, the challenges of keeping the kids occupied! I guess they'll have to play in the rain again! ... Love your box!