Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ben and Rachel's 1st Anniversary

I can't believe that it's been a year today that Ben and Rachel got married.  Oh my, the months leading up to that day were so stressful and so uncertain.  God is faithful and stayed with us the whole way and has blessed Ben and Rachel this past year.  Thank you God!  You have blessed us with Rachel and their darling kitty, Phoebe.

There were so many who said they shouldn't get married but we and they knew God wanted them together to do missionary work.

Here is a set of cards I colored with Blendabilities.  I am trying to use up images I've stamped at other friend's houses.  You know how that goes, you see an image you love and have to stamp a few and take them home.  Before you know it you have boxes full of the images because you of course buy your own stamps and want to use those......a never-ending cycle.

So I'm doing challenges on SCS and also trying to make cards using these images and designer paper.  But designer paper has its own story! LOL
This is a card I made for the featured stamper challenge today.  The card on the left is my inspiration for my card.  This was quick and easy to do and the typewriter was an image I stamped and had 3 so I made three blue cards like this.

This card was for Saturday's Inspiration challenge.  Here was my inspiration.

RAINBOW STRIPES Paper Straws, Multipack, Blue, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Pink, 25 Straws, Birthdays, My LIttle Pony

Can you see the sweet kitty, Phoebe in the clothes?  Sarah took this picture of her room before doing laundry.  She keeps trying to tell me that she has to leave clothes on the floor so the cats have a soft area to sleep.  I'm not buying it at all.  As long as I can safely walk into her room, I'm good.  I choose my battles.  The closer to 18 the fewer battles I have.

Yesterday our family went to Columbus to visit my sister Patty and her husband Allen.  We had a nice time in Columbus and left about 8 to come home.  It's only 2 hours down and 2 hours back.  Loved our time together.  I know they enjoyed it as well since they are the ones who come up here for family events.

It was fun to listen to Patty and Sarah chatting.  They and Ben sat in the back seat while Rachel and I sat in the middle seat.  Rachel gets motion sick so she can't sit in the back seat.

Chris Tomlin has a new album coming out this week so the song I wanted to play wasn't out yet.  Here's a lively song that I love singing.  I hope it is something you enjoy as well.

Blessing of the Day: Time on the back porch listening to the waterfall and birds.
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