Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Baby Turned 18 Today

So we went to  this restaurant which has great food, but the portions are so big you have to share your meal with one or two people at your table. This was my first time going here to eat.  Sarah chose this as her Birthday Dinner Restaurant.
Ben and Sarah ordered White pizza.  The waiter brought these cans of tomatoes to the table first.
 Next the waiter brought out the pizza and set it on the cans.  The kids pulled their pizza off the pan on the cans.
 Rachel, Tim and I had fettuccine with chicken.  It came in a huge bowl.  Rachel started the serving of the pasta.
 This is what they bring to the table when there is a birthday.  Sarah did well with this.
 Next the waiters and waitresses sing a silly birthday song and announce to the other patrons that Sarah had a birthday and they were going to sing the song in the top, right of our placemat and they could all sing along or just clap.
 Sarah was a good sport and blew all of the candles out.
 Then we came home and she opened presents.  I saw these minion peeps and had to get them for Sarah.

Sarah went to Mockingjay with her friends tonight.  I'm glad she did what she wanted to do for her birthday.  Last night she spent time with her best friend, Sara and stayed over.  Then she came home and we went to eat and celebrate Sarah.
I still can't believe that 18 years ago my sweet, sweet, Sarah was born.  
Thank you God for giving Sarah to Tim and I.  We know she is yours Lord and we're thrilled you entrusted her to us.

Blessing of the Day:Dropping off cards at Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home and Celebrating Sarah.
Thanks for celebrating with us today.

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