Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Bucks, Butterflies, Blessed

I know in my post yesterday that I told about the Bucks and Ducks game.  I wanted to share a photo of the Terminal Tower here in downtown Cleveland.  This is how it looked last night.  The red and gray shining proudly for all to see.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Cleveland lights up the TT for different things.  Christmas brings red and green colors of course.
It's fun to see what colors they use and know what they are doing.

I saw this on FB and wanted to share.  It's truly unbelievable that Ohio won last night.  I heard some men discussing the game today at the grocery store and some said the quarterback should apply here in Cleveland for the QB job!  Others said he should have a brighter future than that!  All were amazed that with all of the turn-overs and mistakes that the Buckeyes came out with a win.

It goes to show you that if the other team has MORE mistakes, it's possible to win! LOL

Pretty cool picture huh?  I'd love a shirt like this.
This is the card I made today for the color challenge.  I played with new toys.  The colors for today were basic gray, strawberry slush and bermuda bay.  This is the new set called Butterfly Basics.
I really thought this spoke to those who say, "You Christians think you're better than the rest of us!"
Today I got lots of running around done.  I also got a haircut that I've needed for weeks!  I just love getting my hair cut.  My hair will look nice for a while with little fuss.

Blessing of the Day: Our Bible Study with Maryanne and Chuck went well.  We prayed for Chuck on a work issue.  Love that we can be 'real' with each other and pray.

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