Monday, January 12, 2015

The Bucks Beat The Ducks!

In an incredible football game, Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Ducks of Oregon 42 to 20!  There were some tense moments with turnovers  but the QB #12 with his partner #15 brought the Ducks to their knees in the end.

The QB #12 is actually from Cleveland, is married and has a new baby.  #15 is only a Sophomore so he will be around for another 2 years.

This was a fun game to watch with Ben, Rach, and Sarah.  Poor Tim had to go to sleep so he could get up very early for work.  I don't think he was interested anyway.

My day ended far better than it began.  I battled to get up early to go to PHCA for a meeting at 8. The meeting didn't happen because the person in charge of information was sick.  I then drove to the grocery story and found I had forgotten my grocery list.  I didn't want to guess so I came home.
Tomorrow is another day right?

This afternoon I felt sick, so I took a nap and slept soundly.  My sweetie of a husband made dinner for all of us.  So grateful for him.

No stamping today but I put 11 rows on my newest afghan for patients doing infusion therapy.  This is a brown, yellow, rose, and green afghan.  When I finish I'll post it here.

Blessing of the Day: Tim making dinner for all of us.
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