Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Sweet Phoebe has a knack for doing cute things and changing where she sleeps.  This is a picture of the cutie sleeping on the counter in our downstairs bathroom.  She has taken to sitting on the counter where there is a sink. Then when someone walks by she meows loudly to get the water turned on.  Then she laps up the water from the faucet until she's had her fill, then she walks away.

 This is our traditional gum drop tree for Christmas.  The tradition dates back to my childhood where we put spiced gum drops on the tree and little by little the gum drops disappeared from the tree only to be filled a few times more during the holidays.

Sarah loves to fill the gum drop tree, then eat her favorite colors first.  Green is the gumdrop that is usually left until last.  You know how it goes, you eat your favorites first, then the second favorites, then the third, and eventually you are eating the least favorites which are better than nothing! LOL
 Here is a card I made today for the color challenge on SCS.  I used this beautiful Lotus stamp from Stampin' Up to make it.
 This card was made by Dawn Lusk.  As she was making a card for a company she designs for, she got the idea to make a card for the Ohio Buckeyes, to beat the Oregon, Ducks.  I love what she's come up with.  Then to come up with the text is pure genius!  I just had to share.
Tonight we had a longer than usual time with Maryanne and Chuck for Bible Study.  It's been several weeks since we've met for Bible Study and we had to catch up.  Sometimes too when we're in the middle of our study, things come up and we share experiences from our lives that apply.  We really enjoy our time with them.  Thank you God for bringing us together.

Blessing of the Day:Time with Chuck and Maryanne.
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