Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

Happy Valentine's Day 2015

FOR TODAY: February 14, 2015

Outside My Window...We've had a blizzard today and the temperatures are below zero with the wind chill.  It's supposed to go to -20 to -35 tomorrow.  

I am thinking...that I will remain inside tomorrow.  Going to church will probably be not an option.

I am thankful for...all Tim does for me.  He gave me chocolates and a beautiful card that made me cry.

From the kitchen...I can hear Phoebe meowing and chimping out.  She gets crazy sometimes and runs around like a crazy cat and plays with the little toy mice she has.

I am wearing...a sweatshirt, jeans and tennis shoes.

I am for Cleveland Clinc Hospice at Home and for me.  I  

I am see my mom soon I hope.  Between the snow and cold, it's been a while since I've seen her.

I am reading...Christmas at Rose Hill Farm.  It's another Christmas and Amish book.  I've had it out for a while and need to finish it.

I am hoping...I can get back to exercising again.  I want to feel

 more energy.

I am hearing...the Christian Music on Air1 over my computer.  Love this music.

Around the house...all is quiet as Tim and the kids are at Rachel's Aunt's house watching sports and shoveling the driveway.  Tim went to see if he could get her snowblower running again.

One of my favorite singing worship songs when no one else is around!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I'm reading a book, working on cards, making several afghans and working on things for school.  How could anyone be bored being retired?

Here are pictures I thought were worth sharing...

I really liked this when I saw it on FB.  It made me start thinking how many students I've had over the years and how many have been affected by my touch and love for my job.

 In the midst of all this cold and snow this picture just seemed appropriate!
This is a card I made tonight.  Love how it turned out.  I was trying to do generational stamping and see what a card would look like with several images repeated.  I like how this turned out.

 This was one of the cards we made at PHCA yesterday during our stamping class.  I love the frame on this around the flower.  This is one of my favorite Salabration Stamp sets.
 This is another card from yesterdays stamping day at PHCA.  I really like this tree stamp set.  It has so many stamps to it.  I liked the idea of cutting it into thirds.  I told the ladies if they were going to do this to a card they created, to make it 3" so you could cut it easily to 1" for each piece.  You don't want to go cutting with fractions. LOL

A new album for Brandon Heath.  Here's a song called, No Turning Back.  Take a listen.

I hope you've had a nice Valentine's Day.
Thanks for stopping by.

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