Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cards and Lots of Blessings

I Can't belive it's Sunday night already.  Where has the time gone?  I have had a fun weekend and a busy end of the week.  I am at PHCA two full days a week and it's really like a part time job.  I tutor individuals or small groups as well as large groups in first grade.  
From 11:30-1:30 I am going to different groups/rooms each half hour.  I plan for that time according to student needs.  I'm enjoying it but not used to having homework in planning for all those time slots.  I do the same thing Friday.    We're almost half way through February already and before we know it June will be here and the end of another school year.

This is the card I made with Emily when she came to stamp last night.  We had a wonderful meal cooked by Tim then settled in to stamp.  Emily and I haven't stamped since November sometime!  That's how busy she's been with school and family.
Her son is a pilot and moved from Texas to Pennsylvania with a new job.  It's nice having him closer and she has a perk to be able to fly free.  She actually pays the tax on a ticket and can fly on standby.  That's harder than it used to be cuz there are fewer flights and the flights are fuller because of that.

Anyway this is what we made last night for Valentines.  I think they are so pretty.

This is the sweet card I made for Thursdays Queen For A Day challenge.  I took the little Pure Innocence Button Girl and give her long sleeves for February and added hugs and kisses(xoxo) to her jar and gave her a heart in her hand and hair.

 This is the card I made for Saturday's Inspiration Challenge.
This was my inspiration for the card.  I loved the pretty pinks and purples.  I think too I actually want to be DONE with winter and move right into SPring.  I'm sure I'm not alone in this! LOL
This is a cute image from a blog I read.  She said they have 18" more coming.  UGH!  We have snow coming again, but not sure how much.
I got to spend time stamping with Jane, Saturday.  I had a very productive time making cards with my tree stamp.  I'll have to photograph those cards so I can upload them here.

I'm working on a crayon-box colors afghan for patients who will undergo infusion therapy for cancer.  It is a bright and cheerful bunch of colors.  I love using ombre yarn as well.  It has bright yellow, orange, red, purple, blue and green colors.  I crochet 6 rows with it  then change to a plain color like yellow, red, blue,  or purple.  I will get a photo of this as well.  I love doing this while watching tv.  I am so blessed to be able to make these for people.  I love working with my mom too when I visit her.

Feeling like I need to snuggle Up to God once more and tell Him how much I love and need Him right now.  He knows that,  but loves to hear me say it.
I saw this trailer for a new movie coming out in March.  I was kind of shocked seeing Cybil Shepard like this and some of the other actors in this trailer, but the movie looks good to me.  Check it out.  It is made by the same people who made, "God's Not Dead."

I can't believe that a week from tomorrow is Ben's 20th birthday.  Yikes, where has the time gone?  God has been so good to us giving us Ben and Sarah.  How precious life is when you have children, and some day, God willing, grandchildren.

Blessing of the Day:Dinner with all 5 of us laughing, telling stories etc.
Tim was at his dad's today and came home with a weird picture from his dad.  I guess in the 'old days' when babies died, they were dressed up and held by their mother and a photo was taken.  We saw a picture like this from way back in the family and it was so bazarre!   There is a website where they show photos like this and others.  Tim showed us some of them.  Oh my, there were some where they somehow stood people up and took a family picture with the dead person.  Sounds like a plot for a bad movie ya know?
Anyway another fun and funny meal was had by all.  These are the kinds of meals I remember having at home.  Lots of talk and chatter and laughter.  Thank you God for blessing me with such special memories.  It just popped into my head, after Jesus was born, Mary treasured the events, I'm treasuring these events so I can remember them when the kids are out on their own.  What a blessing indeed.
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