Tuesday, February 17, 2015

He's 20 as Time Marches On

Yesterday my oldest, Ben turned 20.  Where has the time gone.  If he's getting older, that must mean I am too....but I don't FEEL older.  Neither does he. LOL
Here is a picture Sarah posted yesterday on FB of the first time she and Ben met.  Ben is 22 months old here and so amazed by the little creature before him.  The creature moved and made funny noises.  With encouraing he reached out to touch Sarah. It's been fun ever since.  This was a 'sweet moment' in the Craig Family.  So glad we got a picture.

Ben and Sarah have been best friends since that time.  Ben helped with everything except poopy diapers!  He fed her a bottle while she sat in her baby seat.  He helped with spoon feeding her and wiping her face.  I don't know who got more food on them, him or Sarah.

We're so glad they were 22 months apart, as they've entertained each other.  They got along with each other better than a lot of siblings we knew.  So glad God gave us these two sweet babies to raise.  I can't believe they are adults...................Thank You God.

I saw this on FB and have been contimplating this for God and for Tim.  Lots to think about.  It means putting Tim's needs before mine.  I know God can help me with this.  How are you doing with serving others?
 This is my card for today's color challenge.  We were given 5 colors and I used 4 of them:coastal cabana, cantaloupe, pistachio, and brown sugar.  I stamped off the cantaloupe so it would have a pastel look like the pistachio.  This will be donated to the Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home group.
 This card was for Queen For the Day on Sunday.  Here is the card that was my inspiration.
The idea is to change at least two things.  As you can see I did that.  I love the look of this lace butterfly and the beautiful ferns.
Yesterday was crazy doing last minute shopping for Ben's birthday.  Due to him going to the mission field in May, he didn't want 'stuff', he wanted gift cards.  So I paired gift cards with his candy.

We also went out to eat which is always fun.  Then we come home for an ice cream treat and presents.  What a fun time and a time to make more memories.  I have pictures on my phone of presents that I'll upload soon.  Sarah started out as the photographer and she just kept clicking away until Ben asked to have her replaced as photographer.  This is typical Ben and Sarah behavior. LOL

Blessing of the Day:Family time and celebrating Ben.
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