Friday, February 20, 2015

Cleveland Records

Here in Cleveland, we've been attacked by snow and below freezing temperatures.
  Cleveland has broken its all-time record low for the month of February, reaching 17 below zero. The previous February record was minus 16 on Feb. 10, 1899, in the nation's worst arctic outbreak in modern memory. It is also Cleveland's coldest day since Jan. 19, 1994, when the city set its all-time record of 20 below zero.
Check out the picture of Niagara Falls.  Water is going over the falls, but what is already there is frozen!  Lots of people are going there just to photograph this incredible sight!

You have to have a sense of humor with all of the snow, ice and cold.  Here are a few things I found on FB.

Thursday and Friday we had COLD DAYS. We had temps in the -20's with wind chill.  So I didn't get to volunteer this week.  I go a lot of stamping done though.

 Anyone in a state that's very cold in the winter can relate to this.  You could change Ohio to the name of your state right?
 I laughed at this one.  It reminds me of a city in New York that is advertising on it's website to check out Florida.  Their state is too cold and too full of snow to enjoy right now. LOL
Spring can come any time as far as I'm concerned.
 Would love a beach right now, how about you?
This is one of the verses that was in my quiet time this week.
 This verse was in my quiet time this morning.  I'm working on the peace of Christ ruling in my heart.
 This is a card I made for the sketch challenge Wednesday.  I am trying to use up retired designer paper and this worked nicely.

 Here's a song to watch and listen to.  It's called, Who I am by Blanca.

Blessing of the Day: A wonderful dinner of turkey and baked potatoes with Tim and Sarah.
I fell inside on the garage steps after getting the mail, and God protected me.  It could have been much worse.  My back is sore and I was banged up a bit, but no medical attention necessary.
Tim's going to cover those steps with a non-skid tread tomorrow so it doesn't happen to anyone else.
Thanks for stopping by.
Stay warm.

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