Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Hodgepodge

I was taking out the afghans I have finished for cancer patients during their weekly infusion therapy.  Phoebe thought it was a good idea to try them out to make sure they would be soft enough for their new owners.  Love this cutie pie~
Even with all of the cold and wind, God gave us a gorgeous blue sky.  If you didn't see the trees, it could look like a beautiful summer day.  It was just what we needed after so much snow and cloudy weather.
 I had a friend email me about how depressed she's been this winter and last.  This is what God brought to me.  I want to send this to her, but I want to be gentle in doing it.  Praying for my friend and how to deliver this message.
 This is the set of cards I made to put into my birthday card stash for SCS Birthday random acts of kindness.  I send cards to people on Splitcoast each month.  We are assigned 3-4 people then can choose others we know or would like to send to.  I've been on a quilt kick lately so these were the perfect addition to my stash.  This was for today's stamper of the day.  I chose a card from her gallery and changed some things to make it mine.
 Here is the inspiration for my cards.
This is my card from Saturday's Inspiration Challenge. Again I used 1" squares to make this.  I loved how soft this looked.  The batch I made will go to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.  They seemed so soft, pretty and comforting for a Sympathy card.
 I loved this when I saw it.  It's hard to live like this though.  We do care what others think of us most of the time. Working hard on not caring so much what others think of me and concentrate on what God thinks of me.
 This was part of my quiet time this morning. What a sweet image huh?
What a wonderful reminder of who God wants us to be; someone who brings others to Him.
Fix My Eyes by for King & Country...Give it a listen and look at the words.  It's what I need to do right now...Fix My Eyes on God.

Blessing of the Day:A beautiful sunny day!  Thank you God, we so need it!
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