Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 4 in Charleston

Today was a relaxing day. After all the walking we did Monday-Wednesday, we decided to just chill and do something right where we were.  We walked the beach twice and got photos.  I love vacations with sandy beaches and oceans.  Nothing like it in my book.
 Here's my sweetie looking off to the side. He loves walking in bare feet in the sand.  I can't do that so I had to wear my flip flops.  We saw dolphins today but they were too quick to photograph.  There was a large pod of them but they didn't jump very high and were very quick. I felt like a little kid again with that.  I love seeing the unexpected like this!
 This is what we found lots of on the beach today.  We must have seen about 30 of these.  They were dead. They are called cannonball jellyfish.  I don't know why so many were on shore but heard that South Carolina may be involved in hatcheries of these guys.  They send them to Thailand, China and Japan where they eat them.  Not sure if that's happening or not.  There was a lot of opposition to the hatcheries.
 The turquoise building was a great restaurant which was right next to our hotel.  Our room was on the second floor at the end next to the restaurant.  We could sit and watch people eat if we wanted to. However, they couldn't see us.
 This was a flock of gulls that congregated on the beach when a family with a small child began to feed them.  As you might have guessed, the gulls wouldn't go away.  Tim got a picture after the family was trying to shoo them away.
I saw this video from FB and thought it was so cool.  Maybe you'll even see where you live represented here.

What a fun video to watch.  There was even a small clip done in Cleveland, Ohio!

Blessing of the Day:Going to the Akron Stamping show with Jane and Jan.  I stayed within my budget and even had $4 left! LOL
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