Thursday, April 2, 2015

Geese, Dogs, Deer, Cat-Living in the Animal Kingdom!

This was the verse I read today. We all think we can fool God and that He doesn't know what goes on in our mind and our world.  He knows all and sees all.  Praying that I can bring praise to God whatever I go through.
 This is my card for yesterday's challenge on SCS.  It was the sketch challenge.  Love how this came out.  Feeling under the weather.  Hoping to feel better soon.

 The past two days the weather has been so much nicer.  Tuesday Morning my alarm clocks were geese and dogs.  Yup, the geese were on my roof probably looking for a good place for a nest.  They would honk, then the two dogs next door would reply with barking.  Honk-Bark, Honk-Bark, Honk-Bark.  I was ready to take out all the animals in my alarm clock.

Just as I was about to get up to chase some animals, when I saw the back end of both geese flying off into the woods.  The dogs gave up and went back to sniffing the grass all around them.

 The next day while looking out my bathroom window early in the morning I saw a deer stomping its feet at something in the woods.  Then I saw it, the neighbor's calico cat up in a tree.  The deer stood her ground for a long while, then gave up and backed away and went down the hill into the woods.
Blessing of the Day: I got to help at PHCA.
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