Friday, July 31, 2015

Sorry Commenters, Strange Feeling

I was just going through my blog behind the scenes things and saw that there were 13 unpublished comments.  How'd that happen?  I must not have gotten the info. when you sweet ladies posted comments.  For that I'm sorry.  I love to read comments, and yours are so encouraging and heart-warming.  I'm not used to getting comments and I blog because I love sharing my craft, my life and God.  Thank you to all of you who posted comments.  It truly made my day today to read them all.  Hugs and blessings coming your way.

 Last night it took me a long time to fall asleep.  For some reason late last night I thought about my former father-in-law.  I knew he was in his 90's but not much more.  I googled him and found an obituary for him.  He just died in June, 5 weeks ago.  I was sad because he was a great father-in-law and artist.  I was amazed at his art talent.  He drew with pen and ink and did black and white works of art.
I wish I would have known this info so I could attend the celebration of life and find out what his later years were spent doing.  His wife of 63 years died last year I think of cancer.  She held on until her granddaughter got home from college.  Amazing story.

What kept me up was the idea of contacting their dauther-in-law to get updates on both of my former in-laws.  Not sure I'll do it, cuz I was thinking it would be weird.  It's amazing that people I haven't had contact with for over 25 years brought sorrow to my life upon learning of their death.

 Phoebe was watching the pink beverage go up and down in the straw.  She also licked the condensation on the outside of the glass.
 This is a card that I made for a challenge on SCS.  We were asked to use a stamp we had and give it a story.  I made up a poem.

Say hello to little Miss Melissa Mouse. 
She was sent to the field from her house.
To pick yellow flowers that were in season.
To make into tea, that was the reason.
But alas, little Miss Melissa Mouse,
Couldn’t hear Mama call from the House.
Melissa Ann Mouse where are you?
You need to be here so I can brew.
That wonderful tea for all my friends.
I’m sure you know how this thing ends.
Little Miss Melissa Mouse had so much fun.
Throwing the petals one by one.
That she skipped home without a thing.
And oh poor Mama did she ever sing!
Mama Mouse learned a lesson that day.
Get it yourself or you’re the one who will pay.
The End

 This card is for the color challenge this week.  I used rose red, mint macaron, and taupe.  This will be going to Cleveland Clinic Hospice at Home.
 This is a card I made for the sketch challenge this week.  Love the diagonal behind the image.  It's very sparkly.  I used gold wink of stella.
Here are two cards I made using Carrie's directions found here:
I made changes to her design a bit to make it mine.  

Blessing of the Day: Tim got home safely!  Thank you God.
Thanks for stopping by.

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tonilea said...

I don't think it would be at all weird to contact the daughter-in-law. I am sure they would feel blessed that you cared enough to contact them even if and maybe especially because it has been so long since you have corresponded. People are touched by those who reach out. Do it. You have such a gentle nature I know that whatever you say to them, it will be peace-filled and both you and they will be blessed.