Thursday, July 30, 2015

Miscellaneous Stuff and They Are Gone Again

Phoebe does so many funny things throughout her day.  Playing with an ice cube was one of them.
I was scooping ice cubes into my glass and one fell on the floor and skidded across the floor.  Phoebe joined in the fun by pushing the ice again and again and watching where it slid.  Everything's a toy with Phoebe.
 Sarah had a flavored drink from DQ that she played with.  She'd drink from the straw so Phoebe watched the drink go up the straw. Then she'd watch it go down the straw. In this photo she's licking the condensation from the glass whilc Sarah watches. LOL  She's a silly cat.
 This chicken quesadilla was made by Sarah for dinner two night ago.  It was yummy!
Last night for a few hours we had a kid reunion.  All my kids were under one roof, laughing, talking, fooling around and hugging.  This was music to this mom's ears!  I love the noise and one day I'll think to record it. Then I can hear it during times I miss it so.

 This was the scene bright and early this morning.  Ben and Rachel were trying to get away with one suitcase.  But someone packed too much stuff so they tried standing on it to zip it shut.  They ended up getting a small roller suitcase to put the extra stuff into.  You know the kind that they tag and you leave at the end of the walk to the plane. You pick it up after the flight and they don't charge you anything for the second bag.

When they got to the airport this bag was exactly 50 lbs.  Ben was so relieved.  They probably should have traded places here though, since Rachel might be 100 pounds. LOL

They have just taken off from Atlanta to Texas.  Soon they will be at their final destination for three weeks where they will reunite with their church family and debrief with their missionary family.  Praise God for all He's seen us through.

Verse of the Day:Continue to thirst for God.  I've gotta get my Bible out for quiet time.

This is brand new song from Casting Crowns.  It is called, Just Be Held.  It's a beautiful song.  Give it a listen.
Blessing of the day: I got to hug my kids today.  Then they went off to do God's work.  Praying for whatever comes next for them.

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