Friday, August 28, 2015

One More Sleep Until Ben and Rachel's Event

    Tomorrow is the day that Ben and Rachel will have their event.  It is being held behind a mini castle in Medina.  Here is a picture of the front of the house.  We will be in a building just behind the house.  After the event guests will be invited to tour the house.  It is being worked on but beautiful inside.
                As a boy, Walter Russell dreamed of living in a castle. After studying medieval design and brushing up on building trades, Walter and his wife, Ilona, built their own castle on Fenn Road in York Township over a period of five years beginning in the late 1940s. (GAZETTE PHOTO BY JOHN GLADDEN)   
Ben and Rachel's event is to share their experiences in Africa with photos, videos and stories. Picnic food will enjoyed as well.                    
Here's Phoebe, being Phoebe.  Any time there is a box she tries to get inside of it.  This is a postal box that Tim squeezed together so Phoebe could get inside.
 She didn't make it all the way in and quickly pulled out.
 She's a curious one and had to try again and again to get into the box.

I was looking at crochet patterns tonight and came across this cute Granny Square.

Here is the Bible verse for today.  This is truly a tough one.  Repay evil with a blessing.....I'm working on this part.

Blessing of the Day: I had lunch with Tim at my favorite sandwich shop, Cafe Roma in Berea.
I also restocked cards in the gift shop in Berea.
Thanks for stopping by.

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