Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Restful Sunday

Today was a laid-back kind of Sunday.  Tim left early to get to Illinois for another round of computer installations in stores they've purchased.  This is his 3rd trip and there will be one more.  I'm trying to convince him to ship the stuff he needs and fly.  7-8 hours of driving alone is grueling.

I saw this photo on FB and wanted to share it here.  So I've included credit for the photo.

I love this photo taken close to Delaware, Ohio. Photo credit belongs to Sandy Low.

Here is the card I made for today's featured stamper.  The pink flower is the card the featured stamper made.  The purple color is mine.  You are supposed to change several things in your card to make it your own.  I changed the colors, the embossing folder, added the butterfly, used rhinestones instead of pearls and sponged the edges.  I loved the idea of adding the flower on a die cut shape, and putting is to one side and not centered.
This card was from the Inspiration Challenge Saturday.  The vases were my inspiration.  My card was made as though you were standing in the water watching it hit the beach.  It is sponged, which is something I enjoy doing on cards now and then.  I like to make scenes.

A note I wrote to my sister.

I'm convinced God makes Moms in a special way.  They provide the emotional segment of love. No matter how old your children are, mom's can always hug them because of that connection.
God gifts us children knowing exactly what he's doing. We are given our individual challenges with our children.  He knows this will grow each of us in the way we need to grow.  He knows best. Many times I've questioned why things have happened but he is God so who am I to question him?
We have each been challenged by our children and come out the other end. We are stronger than we ever thought we could be.  We are changed by these experiences. We'd never ask to go through these experiences again but it has made us and our children who we are today.

I'm trying to apply, praise Him in all things, and it's oh so hard. Prayers help me through each minute of every day.
Thank you for being the dear sister or friend you are.

This was the verse for today.  To be content in all things is something I've not yet managed. I'm trying to work on praising God in the good and not so good times.

Yesterday was Ben and Rachel's event which went very well.  We'll see what seeds were planted from their presentation.  God knows what He's doing.

I went to the dr yesterday and she said that my bursitis is acting up. I got a cortisone shot in the hip.  Still having pain.  Hope this kicks in soon.

Give this a listen.  It's an older song but still has a great message.

Blessing of the Day: I got to relax and rest.
I had all the kids here for meatloaf and baked potatoes; a favorite around here.
Tim got to Illinois safely.

Thanks for stopping by to visit.

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