Tuesday, September 15, 2015

My Chameleons Arrived Today!

My Chameleons arrived today! Remember me telling you I won them?  Not this kind of Chameleon, but this one.
I played with them for an hour or so and will continue to practice with them.  The one thing I don't like is having to infuse so much.
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Isn't this the sweetest picture?
 I loved this because of what it says, and how many people I thought of when I saw this.

 Here are some cards I made over the week. He loves me.....He loves me not.  I colored this little one with Copics then added stickles. When's the last time YOU used stickles?  For me it was a long time ago.
 This is a tea bag holder card.  You can see that I used stickles on this for the flowers and the outline and design on the cup.  It's so sparkly.
 Here's the same card in blues with silver stickles.
 This shows the outside and inside of the same card.  I added a short poem to the front of the tea bag that read:
 A little cup of friendship
                                                                 With a bag of tea
                                                              When you drink this
                                                                  Please think of me 
 This card front was made before I began using stickles. I used a gold marker which I didn't like the effect. I may just have to add stickles to it! LOL
This little guy was colored with Copics and I sponged the clouds in around him.  I also stamped the leaves a second time and added them to give this card a bit of dimension.
I still have my hip to shin pain and am going to see my Orthopeic doc today.  Please pray we can find something to do to make this go away.  Being in pain has restricted what I want to do. The 800 mg. of Ibuprofen I'm taking is taking the edge off the pain. The pain takes a lot out of me and I find I just want to go to sleep so I don't feel the pain.

I am holding this verse close today.
This is called, Air I Breathe is by Matt Kearney.  He is telling God how important He is. God is the air he breathes.  That's an amazing closeness to God.  I'm working toward that but so much gets in the way.  How about for you?

Blessing of the Day:A fun dinner with the kids. A good visit with Mom and Joe.
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