Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hated Daytona Stay

Tim and I arrived at the Windham Hotel in Daytona.  Daytona isn't what it used to be.  We enjoyed the half-day we arrived.  We walked the beach and had a great time.

At 2 a.m. Saturday the power went out. Auxiliary power went on.  That meant hallways were lit and 1 elevator was running. They told us by 10 a.m. the lights would be on, then they said noon.  We left to eat and do sightseeing figuring the power would be back on.  We got ready for my nephew's wedding and went to my sister's room at another hotel.  While there Tim called to see if the power was back on.  The woman said no.  Tim said we'd be back to check out, we weren't going to stay there.

So Tim and I went back and found that the auxiliary power broke down as well.  It was chaotic.  We tried to get someone to help Tim carry our bags down from the 11th floor, and they said they were sorry they didn't have anyone to help.  So Tim went up 11 flights and packed up all of our stuff.  He carried 4 bags and as he was on his way down, he prayed for someone to help him.  On the 9th floor a hotel employee came up behind him and asked if he needed help.  Tim told the man he prayed for help and God sent help.  When they got to the bottom, the man said, Have a blessed day.  Tim said, He's already blessed me with you.  Thank you Lord, for your answer to Tim's prayer.

Location of Daytona Beach, Florida Hotel
The beach was nice to walk on.
 Tim took our picture from the beach, so this is the back of the hotel from hell.
Tim and I were able to book a room at the Country Inn in Port Orange. They we proceeded to go the Daytona to get our stuff.  It took about 45 minutes trying to get help, that Tim then went himself.
This running around made us late for the wedding.  We got there just as they were serving dinner.  We had a great time.  The bride and groom had a rehearsal dinner which included both families so they could meet and get to know each other.  It made it feel like we were one big family on the wedding day.

Tim took this picture out on the beach.  This is Friday before power went out.
I know where I will be when I die, I will go to Heaven.  Do you know where you will go?
Since August 24th, I have been dealing with hip pain that runs down to my knee, then down the front of my leg.  I've had two cortisone shots in the hip and now in physical therapy.  I've had one week and need one more week before I can apply for an MRI.
As I'm going through this, it's been hard to praise God about this.  Yesterday, I told my sister that maybe this pain is my thorn in my side like Paul.  I sure hope not. This is limiting what I can do on vacation.

Maybe I just have to learn to Praise God all of this.

Blessing of the Day:Attending Tony and Nicole's wedding.  They are deeply seeded in their belief in Christ.  It's so good to see in young people.
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