Friday, October 9, 2015

It was a sad, sad day.

Fall is here and Tim closed the pool a few day  ago.  That's so sad since we have a heater.  WE could have enjoyed more time to swim, but it had to get done before it got very cold.  We got a heater   to be able to heat to water in May and swim through October.
I found this on FB and although it's not new, it's always a good reminder.

This is a card I did for the Hope You Can Cling To Challenge. You were to pick a card you
You made an remake it differently.  I think I like this  second version better than the other one.  I like the silver embossing, ribbon and rhinestones I added on the second card  I also loved the designer paper.
This is the card I made for Hope You Can Cling To. This is one of my favorite stamps. I think of my twin when I see this image.  The challenge was being a warrior. Who would you want to help you fight cancer.  I said my twin.

I am working on no anxiety at this point.  I am slowly making God more a part of every day.  It's slow progress indeed. I'm seeing you CAN teach and old dog new tricks! LOL

This is an older Michael W. Smith song, but it describes some of my relationships. Take a listen  and thank God for all of the people who God has brought in and out of your life.  Isn't He an amazing God?  He gave you people in your life when you needed them. 

In the same way he's brought you into other's lives to help them.  You also give and receive.  Isn't it an honor when God chooses YOU to minister to someone else? What a blessing that is.
Blessing of the day:Knowing that God's got my back, and He's always by my side.
Thank you for stopping by today.

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