Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Blessings Flow and Love Grows

I'm all about emotion.  I know part of it is because I'm a woman.  When I'm down, I tend to curl up in my world here and not praise God, not read my Bible.  You might know that feeling.  Since August I've had back, hip, knee and leg pain.  Today I went for my pain block appt.  I won't know for a few days how well it worked so I praising God that he got me to and through this day.  I'm still sore, but seeing that sometimes I don't need my cane.  I prayed for peace and it came.  The procedure was all of 10 minutes and 10 minutes in recovery.  I waited longer for the procedure (1 hour) than I did for the procedure and recovery.  Ben came with me.  He and I went to lunch where Rachel works, after the procedure.  Then he took me to Michael's to get my yarn that was on sale to finish the afghan I posted here.  He's a sweet and sensitive guy.  I'm glad we have such a great mom/son relationship.

So anyway, thank you for all of your prayers.  Please continue to pray for recovery.  I go back December 1st for a second round.  Thank you God for surrounding me with loving family and friends who have helped me through this.

So picture yourself opening a package from your crazy sister from Columbus.  She was able to purchase the yarn I needed and sent it to me.  I opened the yarn and saw a small tissue paper wrapped package.  This was in it.  She moves too!  I said, "What the heck?"  I called her and she started laughing.  She said, she thought I needed something to cheer me up.  This was a trinket she and Allen brought home from a vacation somewhere.  She said she knew it would make me laugh, and I did.  I told her I was going to have to put her in the car on the dashboard so my kids wouldn't want to drive my car! LOL  Thank you Patty!
 This is my Christmas Cactus.  It is in a south-east window and blooms beautifully.  It's always way before Christmas, but will bloom at least twice in a year.
 This is an afghan that will once finished, go to a cancer patient at Patty's place of employment.  This is thicker yarn than I've used before.  Thanks to Patty's prompting I bought this thicker yarn.  This is how far I got in two days.  Love it.  Picked up more today to finish it.
 Isn't this a cute mini-minion?  I made it a few weeks ago to put on thank you cards for my niece.  However, it took 45 minutes to make this little guy, so I thought, If I want these soon, I'd better try something different! LOL

I was feeling a little bit down and saw this on FB.  So many times I think of my Dad and miss him terribly.  I know he'd have been a hoot with my kids.  His spirit lives on in our daily interactions of teasing, retelling stories, (We used to do, "Remember When" growing up) and generally enjoying being together.  Sometimes we laugh until our belly's hurt, or you cry.  Seems like with my siblings, one liners just go on and on.  There is a quick wit amongst my siblings and me as well as our kids and Tim and I.  I need to video this going on sometimes so I can enjoy it when I need to cheer up.

I also think of how I'm older than my did lived to.  He was 57 when he young.  I wish I could have seen him as a grandfather. I know he would have cherished every moment.  Gotta stop this or I won't finish without sobbing.  Thank you Dad for who you were for me as an adult.  I loved our Sunday breakfasts together.  I miss you so much.
 One of the challenges on SCS was to make a card that is plain then add to it to make it more intricate.  These cards are going to a kid's shelter where they work with kids who have been abused. These kids will receive these cards with encouraging words from counselors and others.
 This is the card I made for Ben and Rachel for their November Thank You's.  The leaves are embossed with Gold.
 This is a quick, unedited, video I made for a friend who requested it from SCS..

For family memebers who aren't on Facebook often, here is the LINK to Nicole and Tony's wedding pictures. You can't copy/paste and will be charged for pictures you like.  However, soon Nicole will have a dvd of them and you can get what you like from her.

 Here's Grace Anna's version of Holy Spirit followed by Francesca Battistelli.  Both are beautiful in their own way.  Imagine having so much love for the Lord that you sing about Him like this cute little angel.  God, please continue to bless her and her family.
"Holy Spirit". Pretty good for first try.
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Blessing of the Day:I had my pain block procedure and now we wait.
Thanks for reading all of this today. It was wordy for sure. hahaha

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RitaR said...

Loved reading your post today with all your lovely thoughts and photos. I was eager to hear how your medical procedure went ... I'm keeping you in prayer, Sue!!