Monday, November 16, 2015

Young Soldier and Belief

My sister-in-law posted this picture of her father.  He's about 18 here.  It's amazing to see him this young. He was fortunate enough to work in the kitchen instead of fighting in the war.  He peeled more potatoes than he ever wanted to see in a lifetime!

Tomorrow I will get the call to know what time I need to be at the surgery center Wednesday.  Praying that this will do what it's supposed to.  Praying your will God.  That's so hard, what if it's not your will that this take the pain away?   I will continue to pray that His will is done.
Today's challenge was to make a wreath.  This is similar to the one I made yesterday.  I took white cardstock and put it into an embossing folder.  Then I used two scallop dies to make the dry embossed sheet look like a wreath.  This has real red ribbon and ink.  I used red brads for the berries on this wreath.

This is the verse of the day, Galations 2:20  Christ lives in me. He gave his one and only son for me and you. I'm not the same.

Here's a song I've listened to tonight.  It's called, You Make Me Brave, by Bethel Music.

Blessing of the Day: Tim came home early tonight.  We got to have coffee and talk.
I saw 5 deer eating grass in the backyard and a small deer laying on the grass near the pool eating grass.  I don't mind when they eat grass, it's the bushes I mind if they eat it.
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RitaR said...

Sue, I continue to hold you close in my prayers!

Hugs, Rita