Thursday, November 12, 2015

What a Difference A Day Can Make

Ben helped me run errands this crummy day.  We dropped Rachel off at work then went to the post office, which wasn't opened for another 25 minutes.  So we drove farther down the road to return CDs to the library.  Next we drove to the doctor's office to pick up a new prescription.  After that we stopped at another post office and mailed all the cards I made for the SCS Hope You Can CLing To, for women with cancer at Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX.

Next we stopped at the Academy to drop off a box of cards to my friend for her mother's assisted living place to use.

Then to the drug store to get my prescription filled.  We arrived just as they were opening the pharmacy!  What luck, we were the first customer and it was filled in no time.

By the time we came out of the store it was rainy and windy.  I was tired and sore.  I couldn't wait to get home.  Ben did the delivering for all places but the doctor's office.  I had to go in and show my ID.

Today weather wise was crummy, but I got a lot done.  I was also so encouraged when I received 3 cards to cheer me up.
The first card is from the staff I work with Thursday and Fridays.  It brought tears to me to know they were thinking of me and praying for me.

This card was from my former assistant who now works at the school I volunteer at.  Patti has been a blessing and a friend for years.  God put us together years ago.  When I heard The Academy needed an assistant for first grade, I suggested her and this is her second year there.  What a blessing to still be able to see her two days a week.

This card is from a dear lady who reads my blog and also makes cards, is on Splitcoaststampers and is an encourager like me.  Her name is Rita.  Imagine my surprise to find her card in the mail today.  God blessed me through Rita.  Thank you Rita for making my day.  God, thank you for adding this dear woman to my life.  I'm truly blessed!
 This is the card I made for todays how to use it challenge.  We were to show some kind of way we communicate...Remember talking into tin cans when playing telephone as kids?
This was a really good reminder to me. There are false prophets out there.  There are also people God knows will test us who are not of Him.  You know each of us must go through making God ours, and choosing a relationship with Him.
  We no longer are believing what our parents believe.  We need to know why we believe.  At this point is when we begin to question everything.  That's a good thing.

My pastor gives us homework each week.  He insists that we read for ourselves about what he's told us in his sermon.  We must not take his word for it, but learn to question what He preaches in the Bible so we have a solid, Bible-based proof of  what and why we believe what we do.

He says so many times people go into church and believe things just because a pastor says something.  He says we can't blindly go through life believing something we're told but haven't researched ourself.

These days with so many pastors preaching on different subjects, not expository speaking.  Topic sermons are the typical series like, Forgiveness, Sin, How to make your marriage better, etc.  Expository preaching is going through a book of the Bible by Chapter and Verse.  This is a great way because our pastor tells us the history of this, the significance of events and how they relate to other events or people in different parts of the Bible.

Here is a link to sermons by my pastor, Alistair Begg at Parkside Church.

New music from Rend Collective called Joy of the Lord.  See what you think.

Blessing of the Day: I got new pain meds, I received 3 encouraging cards in the mail, I got lots of errands done with Ben's help.
Thank you for stopping by.

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