Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Baby, Sweet Sarah Annie, Is 19!

Here she is, Sarah Annie Craig born on December 30th, 1996   weighing 10 lbs and was 21 1/4" long.
I remember going to my dr. appt. 12/30/96  and telling the dr. I needed to have this baby today because the pain of carrying her was hard to take.  I had really bad back pain so he checked me and said, "You need to go to the delivery room, you're in labor.  The pain you're feeling is back labor."  I was so happy to begin the journey of Sarah's birth.  

They say you forget the pain of a regular birth is forgotten once you see your baby.  I beg to differ about that.  I'll never forget that intense pain! LOL  I think a man said that  line about forgetting pain.
I still have the little, pink bow here on my desk so I can see it daily. :)
These are a few of my favorite pictures of Ben and Sarah together.  They are 22 months apart.  Most thought when Sarah got older, that they were twins.  Ben truly loved Sarah early on and loved touching her like a little doll.
Ben loved the camera.  He also liked feeding Sarah her bottle.  He could hold her with the pillow behind her.  He had the bottle and diaper and took good care of her.
Tim loved holding her and making her mouth move while he said things.  He's having Sarah point at me saying, "YOU, outta here!"  That would crack Ben up and he'd belly laugh which would make us all laugh.  Happy times.
Such big eyes my Sweet Sarah.
Sarah was put in the kitchen table to be fed by Ben or Brianna.  One time while she waited she enjoyed playing with the baby's breath in the vase.
Sarah wanted to eat at Buca di Beppo in Strongsville.  We came here for her birthday last year.  This restaurant has huge portions so you have to share your meal with someone.  I shared a white pizza with Ben and Sarah and hated it!  The cheese was globbed on it, it was warm not hot.  Both kids said they expected what they'd had last year and what we got wasn't it.

Tim, Brianna and Rachel had a shrimp and pasta dish.  They said it was pretty good but not hot when it arrived.  We had to wait about an hour before we were served our dinner.  It was busy and loud.  When we got our plates for dinner, several of us had something on the plate, and the plates were still wet.  This didn't go over well with me.  The prices are high and the service wasn't acceptable tonight.  I won't be going back here again. Yuck!
Image result for buca di beppo
This is one of the cute pictures I got of Sarah showing a couple of dvds she got.  Anne of Green Gabels was one of her favorite movies.  We only had it in VHS so I got her a dvd she could watch.
 I love this picture of Sarah reacting to something Tim has said.
 Brianna was laughing at something that Ben and Sarah were saying or doing.
 Ben and Sarah tease each other mercilessly sometimes.  Here's a cute picture of Ben enjoying the opening of presents.
 Phoebe and Annabelle celebrated Sarah's bday with canned cat food.  Phoebe wants to get in line to be served first!

This is an amazing song.  Danny Gokey tells the story behind this song.  I'm sure he can related to this because his wife died and he had to find his way back to living without her.  Listen to the words.

Blessing of the Day: Celebrating the birth of Sarah Annie Craig 19 years ago.  Oh God, you delivered such a precious gift to Tim and I.  Thank you for willingness to give Sarah to us.

Medical Update:I started Physical Therapy today.  The good news is that it seemed to help the pain and the bad put me in bed for a few hours because of the pain.  If I can relieve the pain with therapy that would be fantastic!

Thanks for stopping by.  Sorry this is so long.

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