Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Childhood, Flip Flops, Answer To Prayer

This reminded me so much of my childhood.  We used to spend so much time playing outside.  I even remember all of the spots on the swingset would be taken, (We had 6-7 of us out there) that we'd argue about how long someone had been there.  Of course the angrier you'd get, the happier your sibling got! LOL  We'd giggle so much when we made 'cherry bumps'.  I don't know why we'd call them that but we did.
 We've just begun to feel the effects of winter here in Cleveland, Ohio.  I feel like this little girl.  I'm thinking I'd like someplace warm from January-April, then come back to Ohio.  I can dream, you know?
 This was interesting to see today.  Saturday I was talking about this.  The fact that I had to act differently than how I felt.  It helped me but was hard to do.  I grew up in the Disney generation where everything was, 'Happily Ever After.'  I never saw my parents argue so I thought all you had to do was get married and things would be great!  So nieve, I know.  The only marriage I saw was my parents, so how would I know differently?  I imagine my mom with 7 kids must have had to do this quite often.
 This was another thing I saw on FB today.  I talked about this on Saturday also.  When I think that I could be the answer to someone's prayer, I was amazed.  I never thought of it like that.  What an honor that is.  I'm going to try to remember that next time so I might not be hesitant to do what God asks.  How about you?

You know when we do things for others, we get blessed too.  When you look at it that way, you are answering a person's prayer AND you will be blessed as well, why don't we jump at the chance to help others?

Maybe we are selfish?  Maybe we don't want to be bothered?  Maybe we don't think we can do it?
I was blessed today.  I got such happiness when I told a woman I could make 10-15 cards a month for her.  She is the  director of volunteers at South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.  She said she saw how so many were affected with the cards I made for the Cleveland Clinic Hospice Ministry.

When I heard what she needed, the answer was automatic.  I knew I could easily  do that many cards.  The Hospice ministry needed 50-100 cards a month.

This is a new song from Steven Curtis Chapman.  It is a beautiful song.  I kept listening to it over and over last night.  It's amazing how God touches song writers and gives them songs to  encourage others.  I love listening to Christian music.  If you don't listen to it, find something you can listen to.

I listen on my computer to  air1, klove, or 95.5the fish.  It sure is encouraging to listen to.  Sometimes I find that instead of a Bible verse I fight Satan with a line or two from a song.  Did you know that many Christian song writers have a Bible verse that inspires their song?  It interesting to look that up online.  Some songs have parts of the Bible verse in the song.  For me, it's easiser to remember things if I say/sing them.

Tomorrw I go to Physical Therapy then the ortho dr.  We'll see what happens.  I sure would like to get the pain over and done with.  Pain wears you down so fast.  I don't know how people live with it hour by hour and day by day.  Prayers going out to those of you who struggle with pain and any other difficulties like depression.

God, would you please be near those who are dealing with health issues.  Whatever they are please help all of us deal with them.  Help us look to you for our strength and encouragement.  I pray that we will feel you near telling us you are here holding us because you love us.  You love us more than anyone here on earth.  Bring us peace and help in dealing with things day by day.  Let us rest in your promises Lord.  Amen

Thank you for being part of my day here on my blog.

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