Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cottages, Princess, Loved

I saw this on FB and it reminded me of the little cottages they show in England.  The quaint, small cottage with the white picket fence and lots of roses all over the place.  I wonder what it would be like to live in something like this.  I know I'd love the flowers, animals, peace and quiet.  It's not too big, so I might have to use it for my stamping place and find another place to live! LOL
It looks like I took my color pallette from the picture above.  However, the color pallete came from the designer paper I used.  The challenge was to use use a stamp set you had to have but haven't used it yet.  I think I'm going to love playing with this set and die.
I saw this and thought, 'Well, duh!'  Then thought, I didn't have a relationship with Christ until I was an adult.  No one had told me what I needed to know.  I was right in there not living with God and not knowing how important Jesus was to become, in my life.
Last night as I was writing this I clung to this image and words.  I wanted to just curl up in my bed and go to sleep.  I know that's not a good thing to do and had to also cling to, "I can choose to give in to my feelings, or continue on with God's help and move forward."
This was the verse of the day on my blog.  It really hit me because it's some of the things we do naturally with  friends and family.  We're called to do these things and I see it also as acts of kindness. We go beyond what might be expected in the love of Christ. It reminds me I need to sometimes see beyond what I want and do what God wants me to do.  Is it hard sometimes to put yourself last?  I struggle with this sometimes.
This brought so much comfort tonight.  I know I'm loved, but to hear it again did a lot for me. Sometimes listening to the wrong voice can bring such sadness and doubt.  It's wonderful to know that my Bible is near and music like this is here too.  God brings songs for me when I need them.
I listen to music most of the day when I'm home.
Medical Update: I still have pain even with the medication.  By evening I want to cry. Movements in my left side are restricted. If someone comes to talk to me in my craft room, I have to spin the chair instead of turn my head.  I have an appt. with the dr. the 20th so we'll see where we go from here.

Blessing of the Day: I was able to make some cards in spite of how I felt.
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