Thursday, February 4, 2016

All For You

This is an incredible article about saying goodbye to your son.  Give it a read, and keep a tissue handy.  Here's Benjamin at 3 months.
                       Senior in high school
I was truly amazed at what this father did to help children deal with bullying.  It is an amazing song that he wrote with God's leading. This will help so many children believe in themself and not listen to others.

Today I found this on FB and really want it as a part of my prayer tonight.  I'm feeling unworthy to be loved by God.

  I am saddened tonight due to a story I read about a local tradgedy.  A 21 year old man just fooling around with his 18 year old girlfried, put a gun(which he thought was unloaded) to his friend's back and pulled the trigger just to hear the 'click'.  The gun was loaded and his friend ended up dying at the hospital not long after she arrived there.

I stopped and talked to God and prayed for everyone involved.  The young man is on suicide watch at the cell where he's currently being held.  They purposely set the bail too high for the parents to pay so the son can be observed and kept safe.

What the heck is our world doing?  You know I thought of the words from the Bible that say, "In the blink of an eye..." Her life ended that quickly.  Who has the time then to ask God to be their Lord and Saviour?  No one......sadly this is a life ended much too soon, and for a stupid reason.

We're all human and we do stupid things.  Fortunately we had God in our world and need to spread His good news with all we can.  For we don't know how long we'll be here. I want to be all used up when it's my time to bow to my Jesus in Heaven.

Here's my prayer tonight: 
 Here's where I am tonight.  I know I'm not worthy yet he calls me daughter, princess, priceless gift.
I needed to hear this tonight.  No matter what, God's love will remain!  Listen to this and be encouraged.

Blessing of the Day: I'm feeling better with my bronchitis.
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