Monday, February 1, 2016

Better, Believer

I felt like doing a little bit of stamping today.  That must mean I'm getting better from this nasty cold right?  I still have a bad cough, but I slept more last night and wasn't so tired today.  Praise God for that!

I went to the Minute Clinic inside CVS Monday and found out I have bronchitis and fluid in my ears.  I got an inhaler and some tiny yellow jelly-filled pills to take for coughing at bedtime.
So now every day I should feel a bit better.  When I do things I feel tired.  Guess I have to take it easy so I can get enough rest to kick this thing.

The clinic is a place that I can get in same day and if I got first thing in the day, I don't have to wait long.  It's also cheaper than the dr.'s office.  They take insurance too.

I came across this cute picture.  It sometimes is how I feel.  I'm learning to not feel guilty when this feeling overcomes me.  I'm retired, I paid my dues, I'm entitiled to do this and not count the number of days I do it! LOL

Here's a little cutie that I did for an SCS challenge.  I looked through another gal's gallery and find a card that you make similar and change things from hers so it's not a direct copy.  Her little dress is paper pieced.  You stamp on the designer paper and cut out the dress and put it on top of her.  Cute huh?  This is a note that will be sent to the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice.  It will then be sent to a mother who needs encouragement due to her child being in the justice system.
I have to be reminded that my help comes from the Lord, always.  I too often try to do things on my own and mess it up.  Then I have to go back to Jesus and ask for his help.  How about you are you a controller of your life? Do you go forward on your own then have to turn back and ask for help?
Here's a song called, Believer by Capital Kings.  This one is new to me but I like it. Some of the ways I get my inspiration is from listening to Christian radio stations.  As I work here at my desk when I hear one I like, I write the name and artist down then share it here.

Blessing of the Day:Tim helped me figure out a difficult spreadsheet someone made that didn't make sense to us.
Please pray for our family.  Tim, Ben and I are battling this strong cold bug.  So far the girls are symptom free.  If Ben's not better tomorrow he's going to the Minute Clinic.

Thank you for your presence here.

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Hope Angotti said...

Those tiny jelly filled pills will really help your cough. way better than ANY cough medicine!!!