Saturday, February 20, 2016

Praising God!

I've had a long week from Wednesday through Friday with testing and doing reports for school.  In fact by Friday I was so tired I went to bed at 8:30!  I forced myself to stay awake. I wanted to go to bed and 6:30!

Anyway, here's the reason we're praising God.  Yesterday in the morning before I went to work, Ben announced that World Indiginous Missions accepted his request to work in Cleveland for their 2 year missionary assignment was approved!

It's amazing the doors God is opening. The church they are volunteering at is buying a church. The church has a parsonage where the family that pastor the current church will move to.  They've always wanted to have a missionary house so where they are living now will become the missionary house and Ben and Rachel have been invited to live there rent-free.  The family will leave as much as they can, there.  So, there will be a minimum of items to be purchased.'

Since they won't be paying rent, they will be able to make payments on a car! They will stay at our house until at least June.  Then we will be able to claim supporting for 6 months on taxes.
I'm working on this verse of the day. I see his blessings all around me so I pray to be closer to him.
This is an oldie but a goodie from Jeremy Camp.  It's a worship song to God for all He is and all He does.

Blessing of the Day: We went to dinner with Sarah and talked about possible college explorations for waht she wants to do.  She's not sure so we suggested some things she could do to find out what's offered.  We also talked about other scenerios for her last 2 years of school.

Please pray that God will lead us to the best decision for all of us.

Health Update: I will be getting another shot either next week or the week after.
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