Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Sacrifice, Beauty, and Trust

When I saw this picture I had such affection and such sorrow.  To think of what soldiers miss serving us in other countries.  They miss large chunks of family happenings.  Can you imagine leaving your newborn and not seeing their firsts?  Imagine they never come home.  Imagine the pain they suffer being away from children and wife or husband.  They give it up all to protect us.  These soldiers are a rare sort of human beings.  We must honor and provide for them when they come back.  We must provide for their family if they don't.
 This is my brother John and his wife Lenora on their wedding day 31 years ago.  They have 1 daugher and 3 sons. The first three kids are out on their own.  The youngest is still at home.
Congratulations John and Lenora.  You've given your kids a great example of a solid marriage.
 Isn't this a gorgeous picture? Brilliant shot of a starry winter sky above Ohio's Hocking Hills State Park. Photo credit goes to Instagrammer @myohioadventure.  Scenic park with hiking trails, archery, fishing, swimming & more amid waterfalls, cliffs & gorges.  It is located in Logan, Ohio.  This is one of  the most beautiful places in Ohio.  We've stayed here several times in different cabins.  The sites are truly amazing.  It's fun to sit around a fire pit and talk, laugh and make smores.
Image result for hocking hills
Image result for hocking hills
It's easy to say these words, but hard to go through the molding process.
                                           Check out this funny video, I laugh each time I see it.
This is the card I made this week for the color challenge. The colors were pool party, wisteria and pear pizzaz. 
This card was made using the same stamp set as the featured stamper of the week.  I love, love, love this set.  It will forever stay in my retired keepers pile.
This was a really fun card to make for Saturday's inspiration challenge. Here is my inspiration, then my card.
This was today's sketch challenge.

It sure is hard to believe that we are cherished by the one who created us.  We need to pray away Satan so we can hear God's words of love.
I love this.  I've raised my kids to fill needs if they could even if it was just a hug.  We taught them years ago that children are very important.  They can talk to a grandpa or aunt or uncle about God and they will at least listen to them and not cut them off.  God uses children and young people all the time.  You don't have to be a grown-up to make a difference.
I like this song by Lauren Daigle called Trust in You.  This is the hardest of all faith to praise God in every circumstance.  To praise Him in the storm.

Blessing of the Day:I got my nerve block shot.  It will take 48 hours before I feel an effect.
Friends of our might have found a car for Ben and Rachel to buy.
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