Friday, February 26, 2016

Share One Another's Burdens.......

It's better that God asks if I'm willing because I know I wouldn't be capable.  I know that I can't do things without God.  I love that when things happen with God, it stands out and all know God was here and guided you to further trusting of Him.

Sheffield Lake, Ohio has never looked prettier than it does in this Erie shore photo from Instagrammer @gabe_leidy. (Taken yesterday, believe it or not.)

You know the older I get the more I see that there are so many people who are alone or suffering from loneliness, lack of touch(we all needs hugs) or people who love and care for them.  Friends die or go south and we are left alone.  Just the simple smile you give someone with a kind word, is an encouragement.  Lord I pray that you will enable us to truly see people around us.  Give us the heart and ability to make a difference for someone today.  Let us be the blessing we were meant to be.
Yes, we are busy, but we still need to make time for those older.  Think about it, we may be the only positive thing in someone's day.
Love the beauty of this bird.  I love to hear them sing.  What a great promise we have from God that His is ALWAYS WITH US.
This made me cry.  Think of how many times needs have presented themselves and we say we will pray for someone yet, don't do it right there WITH them.  I am more aware now that praying for someone right there can make a world of difference. You can hold them tight while you pray.  You can show them how much you care. And, you can cry with them if needed.  I usually cry when I'm praying for someone whether on the phone or hugging them tightly.  Thank you God for giving me the compassion to pray with people.

Wow, when I saw this it took me back to a time early in my marriage where I tried to change some things in my husband.  It used to bring us both into a bad place.  We each wanted something totally different.  I saw it as winning, when really it was a time Satan enjoyed.  Now I know that the only person I can change is me.  I had to change my prayers and let God have his way in me.  How strong-willed I was.
I really enjoyed reading this where a school was holding students responsible for their behavior.  There's nothing better to help a child grow up knowing he's responsible for his actions which bring a consequence.  Actions bring reactions.
I giggled when I saw this.  I'm becomming more of a night owl now that I'm retired.  When I worked, I was a morning person.

I'm seeing that when I go to 'school' Thursday and Friday that I'm so tired on Friday evening.
This is the Air1 verse of the day.  Share each other's burdens, lighten one another's load.
This is an older Casting Crowns song, which is a great part of our lives.  When we pray some of us believe that God will answer our prayers.  When they aren't answered how we want them to be answered, we become angry with God.  Remember HIS way of healing can be a physical healing or a  healing in Heaven.  So hard to think we are to praise God even if he takes a loved one home.  Of course Satan sees this as a great way to get us to pull away from God, maybe even hate Him.  We need to remember that God has our best interest at heart.

We see the short  term.  It's like we see the tangled threads under embroidery and God sees the Glorious, Golden threads on top of the tapestry.  I'm praying that I cam become better at praising God in the storms as well as the sunhine.

Health Report: I'm feelin a bit of pain at the injection sight.  My arm and neck are a bit sore.
Blessing of the Day: Watching the Cavs play the Raptors as a family.  Many of us yelling at the tv as well. LOL
Thank you for blessing me with a visit today.

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