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Our next stop on the Ohio tour is Millionaires' Row on Euclid.  The bittersweet of  this is many of these homes were demolished.

Millionaires' Row
By The Cleveland Historical team
Euclid Avenue's "Millionaires' Row" was home to some of the nation's most powerful and influential industrialists, including John D. Rockefeller. Around the turn of the twentieth century, Baedeker's Travel Guide dubbed Euclid Avenue the "Showplace of America" for its beautiful elm-lined sidewalks and ornate mansions situated amid lavish gardens. Originally extending from East 12th to East 55th Streets, Millionaires' Row gradually shifted eastward as commercialization claimed some of the older homes near downtown. By the 1920s, a suburban exodus to "the Heights" east of the city illustrated that the very prosperity created by the denizens of Euclid Avenue ultimately displaced their grand homes.
Amasa Stone HouseDrury Mansion

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Eells House, ca. 1910Car Dealership 1931

This is my card for today's Inspiration challenge on SCS.  We were to do mini things on our cards.  I think they would make a cute card to go with a baby gift at a shower.

Thursday evening was Bittersweet as well.  I went to the visitation of Kristina.  It was such a sad evening meeting her mom and fiance'.  Seeing Kristina laying there was so hard.  I wanted to shake her and tell her to wake up!  The sweet time was being with many friends I knew along the way in my teaching career.  Kristina was loved by so many people.  The line was full for a couple of hours.  I cried with friends and hugged them, then got caught up with their life.  We were supporting each other in our pain.  It was a beautiful thing to feel and see.
I didn't  go to her funeral yesterday as I had lots to do at school.  Saying a final good-bye was just awful to do.
You know, being a Christian helped me through this process without questioning, "Why?"  I'll bet that wouldn't be the case if it were a family member there instead of a friend.

Yesterday, I worked with the sadness of not being able to go to the funeral.  After school we had a stamp camp which lifted my spirits.  Then my friend came home for dinner with me.  Ben had left chili in the crockpot so it was easy to scoop and eat.

We were both so tired, at times we just sat and ate.  After dinner she finished the projects she missed because she came late to the class.

She left about 8:30 p.m. and I was in bed by 9:30.  I had a tossing and turning kind of night so I woke up tired.  I'm on my second cup of coffee, and I hope it will revive me.  I'm not sure if all of the stress of the week has exhausted me or what.  I look forward to a nap today.  God allowed nothing to do today which is a blessing.  I need to chill out with dvds and not think about anything.

Blessing of the Day:Emily came to dinner and I didn't have to eat alone.  She also lifted my spirits when I needed it last night.  She was also with me when I found out about Kristina.

Health Update: I still have pain on the left side and now feeling it on my right shoulder and back. Prayers appreciated.

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