Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Terminal Tower Kristina

         Terminal Tower is a 52-story, 235 m (771 ft), landmark skyscraper located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Built during the skyscraper boom of the 1920s and 1930s, it was the fourth-tallest building in the world at its dedication on June 28, 1930 (after three buildings in New York City). It was the tallest building in the state of Ohio until the completion of Key Tower in 1991. It is part of the Tower City Center mixed-use development, and its major tenants include Forest City Enterprises, which owns the building and maintains its corporate headquarters there, and Riverside Company.

The first four pictures were from the early years of the Terminal Tower train station.

This is a picture of Tower City Center as it's called today. 
Check out Tower City at Christmas.  See the leg? This is where A Christmas Story was filmed. Part of it was  downtown where the kids looked at the wonderful window displays and the house they lived, as well as the Christmas Parade with Santa.  The school scene at the flagpole was filmed at the high school my dad attended.  Pretty cool huh?
This is almost 3 years ago when Daniel is  born. Kristina was so happy and proud of him.  She loved him so much.
This made me laugh when I saw it on FB.  I saved it for Tim.  He's in his last 4 years of work and doesn't like getting up and going to work.  Once he's there he says he's okay. LOL
This is the verse of the day.  
From the time we were young we all can remember being disciplined right?  It was never fun in any way.  Each and every on of us became a better person from the lessons learned in life.   I am leaning more and more each day by reading my Bible and praying.
Blessing of the Day:Dinner with the kids with lots of laughing.  Taco salad was on the menu tonight.  Yum! I think we like it because we add Doritos crumpled up to the salad! LOL

Medical Update:There is still pain and I've had some headaches.  That's a side effect of this procedure.  

Prayer Request: Tomorrw is the visitation for Kristina.  It will be emotional on one hand, and like a reunion on the other hand.

Here's the song I posted on FB for all who share in the pain that tomorrow will bring.

Thank you for stopping by.

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