Thursday, March 24, 2016

Happy Birthday to Rachel

My sweet daughter-in-law turns 21 today.
She celebrated with a day off to lounge and take it easy.
Then they went to Kozumel for dinner, then home for ice cream and presents.  Rachel, I'm so thankful for you.
Tonight the family is watching a movie Rachel wanted to see, Creature From The Black Lagoon.  They have fun watching these monster movies from the 50's and making fun of them and the effects they use to make their movie scary. I hear lots of comments and laughing.
I don't like those movies so I'm here working on my blog.
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I've lost a day and a half with the flu bug.  I've not been sick like this in a long time.  I've used today to rest and recouperate.  I slept all night and most of today. I couldn't get rid of the nasty headache I had until I had enough in my stomach to take excedrin.  I'm feel better tonight but tired.

It's so sad what's happening all over the world.  Pray for Brussells. We're called to pray for our enemies which is so hard to do.  Only with Christ's help can we do that.

I saw a toddler outside today with his mom. She was explaining what dark clouds meant and the wind. He was enjoying himself and then he saw daddy and he squealed with delight, daddy, daddy, daddy! What a wonderful sight to witness.  It took me back to the days of my toddlers.  God knew I needed that in the midst of resting today.  Thank you God.

The Bible says to worship in happiness and in sadness.  There's nothing I like better than to sit down with some Christian music and listen to and sing with it.  I love worship music.  I thought this would be a great song for today.

As we approach Good Friday we are ever more thankful for our Christ, our Lord and his sacrifice for us.
Here is a most unusual sight; Annabelle and Phoebe sitting close on the couch.  Phoebe was wrapped up a bit in the blanket and Annabelle didn't see her when she jumped up on the couch.  They both managed to sleep there without hissing.
Blessing of the Day: I am feeling better. Rachel had a nice birthday.
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