Sunday, March 20, 2016

Yesterday I hit 2,000 Posts!

First Day of Spring!  Whoo Hoo!  Funny thing is, here in Cleveland we have SNOW!

Wow, how cool is that?  I'm over 2,000 posts today!
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What a hoot this is.  This is my brother John who lives in Florida.  He's such a funny guy.  Whenever he gets together with any group of people, he's got a comedian inside.  He has you laughing hard, like you're at the comedy club.   This is just like him to post something like this.
He posted: Me and Mr. Clean Trading Faces

This is the best thing I can do when I'm down, help someone else. It makes me feel better and it shows them the love of Jesus.
This is what was in my reading this morning. I know it is NOT a coincidence.  

We need to thank God for whatever is preoccupying our mind. (the negative thoughts)  This will clear our mind so we can find God. God showers us with blessings daily and sometimes we don't see them.  When our mind is stuck on the negative, we can't see the positive.
This song from Lincoln Brewster puts it plainly that there is power in the name of Jesus. It reaffirms the scripture above. I love when you can easily see the scripture that a song came from in a song.
Blessings of the Day: (yesterday) Plant from Sarah just because she knows I love it.
Thank you for stopping in today.

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