Saturday, March 19, 2016

Art, Music and Egypt

Our Cleveland Tour stops at The Cleveland Museum of Art.
Springtime art museum.jpg
Established 1913 (Officially opened in 1916)
The Cleveland Museum of Art (CMA) is an art museum located in the Wade Park District, in the University Circle neighborhood on Cleveland's east side. Internationally renowned for its substantial holdings of Asian and Egyptian art, the museum houses a diverse permanent collection of more than 45,000 works of art from around the world. The museum has remained historically true to the vision of its founders, keeping general admission free to the public and with a $750 million endowment it is "one of the wealthiest in the nation." With about 598,000 visitors annually (2014), it is one of the most visited art museums in the world.

This is one of the current exhibits.  From a child I was enthralled with Egypt, mummies, tombs and pyramids.  The Art Museum always had something from Egypt to see each time we went.  It is a wonderful childhood memory.

It's the weekend, and I've had a quiet day.  I'm stamping and making cards, I watched a bit of Netflix and a dvd while I made cards.

Tim left early to work at Brianna's.  He's helping get her back yard ready to be fenced.  It's fenced on two sides but there were areas where dirt was dug up under the fence.  One of Brianna's dogs could get out. So Tim had some pavers to put in to cover up the opening.

Ben and Sarah went later to have dinner and play cards.  Poor Rachel is home not feel so good.  She also went out of town to a girl's night with her soon-to-be sister-in-law in Pittsburgh.  Her sister Lisa drove out with her.  They couldn't stay overnight because Lisa has two children and she needed to be home early morning.  Rachel got home at 3 a.m. and has been blah all day.  Prayers for her to feel better soon.

I liked the words and photo here.  He guides me in the way of wisdom and leads me along straight paths. Sometimes when I read scripture I like to put my name or make it apply to me.  It makes it more personal.

When you read scripture do you sometimes think God is talking about others and not you?  Or do you sometimes read it and wonder why the disciples didn't 'get it?'  Sometimes I wonder what the heck was wrong with them that they walked and lived with Jesus and they didn't get what he was saying.

 What nerve I have sometimes in what I think. As though I'm better or smarter than them.
Right.....Then I take the plank out of my eye and blink again.   Whoops Lord, there I go again, a holier than them attitude is spouting again.

     It's not long before I realize what I'm doing and Jesus holds my hand like the Father he is and walks me quietly down the road and gently explains, to me AGAIN, what I need to do to represent him to people.  He doesn't point out how many times we've had this talk.  He is patient and kind and teaches me again what I need to learn.  What an amazing God we serve.  I'm an adult, yet respond sometimes like a child with petty things others do.

I'm wondering if anyone else can relate?  It's a good thing God's mercy is new every day, isn't it?

 Many times this happens to me, especially Thursday and Friday when I volunteer at school.  Praying God will help me begin my day with Him and coffee.
 God is showing me the way.  He's reminding me that most often when I stop looking at my situation and think of others, there are plenty of people who are worse off.  There is also a blessing that comes when we serve others.  For me the best way to beat the goomies is to help people somewhere.  Show others God working in your life.  Concentrate on God and His love for me and block out the negatives Satan yells.  Yell back at him, scripture and that God's won the war and you know where he's going for all end time.  I am His forever and ever.
 This is a card I made for today's inspiration challenge. Beneath my card is the inspiration I used.  This card is going to a gal I met at a cardmaking weekend.  She's fighting cancer and is a child of God. She's finished with chemo and will go for surgery after 3 weeks or so.  She needs to get stronger for the surgery.  
Arbor Day 2015 (Brazil)

So I'm crying again. Sarah came home from work and said, "White or Pink?'  I said, "Pink."  She pulled this out of her bag for me.  I said, "I love these!"  She said, "I know, that's why I got it."  Then the waterworks began.  My craft room is full of this wonderful scent.  No scented candles needed for a while.
  She's become so sensitive and tender and it floors me each time I witness it.  The transition from Mom to Friend is a nice one.  Thank you Lord for the beautiful woman my daughter is becomming, inside and out.

Here is song by Finding Favor called Reborn.  I hope you like it.

Blessing of the Day: Time to rest and do some cards.
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