Thursday, March 17, 2016

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2016

It was a WINDY St. Patrick's Day.  At school the little first graders huddled together.  I saw a little girl try to walk over to her huddled friends, and she was pushed a little by the wind and she squealed!
She finally made it to her friends.  This made me think of Piglet holding on to a string flying high in the sky! LOL

         In celebration of St. Paddy's Day, Terminal Tower here in Cleveland is green!  It's fun to see things like this in downtown.  See the moon there too?  Teacher's know it's a full moon without even looking into the sky.  The full moon changes nice children into crazy kids!  

One by one as the teachers enter the lunchroom, you can hear them say things like, is it only lunch time?  Does anyone have a dvd I can put in for the afternoon?  Maybe they can play games all afternoon?  Maybe the gym teacher will take all of them out on the playground and let them run.  Then they can rest the rest of the school day! LOL  Some say, "Anybody have a few energy drinks to help me get through the afternoon?  If you can't beat them, join them! LOL

 This is a new stamp set that I waited to get.  I saw so many gorgeous cards with it that I caved-in and got it and I'm so glad I did.  This card went to a gal with cancer to let her know I'm praying for her.  I don't know her but she was brought up by the card making website I belong to.  So I made the card and filled it with prayers and hugs.  Praying it makes her smile.
The text inside says: I loved making this card for you.  I hope it makes you smile for weeks. :)
 I got this image at Jane's last Saturday and just had to color it.  I was planning on giving it to Adam, my great nephew.  I guess I'd better find out his address.  Annie, can you help me with that?  Annie, is my dear twin.
Speaking of Annie, it brings tears to my eyes.  Do you know what my loving twin did?  She sent me the most beautiful necklace and card, which made me cry.  She's been praying for me for all I've been going through.  I wish she'd have been here so I could hug her.  Instead I called and and talked to her.  Talking to her is always great therapy!  Thanks Annie and Stas for your loving kindness.

I told her tonight she needs to move from Milwaukee to here so we could see each other in person more often.  That's my dream, to have her in Cleveland.  I know it's selfish but that's how it is.

Scripture for today is: There's no fear in love. Perfect love drives out fear.
You know, the closer to God I am the better things are for me.  He constantly tells me he's always here with me.  He hasn't moved a step, it's me who has moved.

Do you ever ask yourself why you move away when you know He's all you need?  Sometimes I feel like I'm a special needs adult!  I keep doing things the same way and expect it to change.
Please help me get back to a constant quiet time with God first thing in the morning?

Loved the upbeat sound to this song.  We all need to be free from what the world says we should be.  We need to cling to God and seek to be more like Him.  We truly are in times where the world needs to be shaken.  It's falling apart and Satan is running rampant.  There is truly a spiritual war going on out there.
Looking around and knowing that things like Christians being told they have to do things that are against their beliefs.  Soldiers told they can't pray and talk about God?  President hopefuls that don't have much if any experience except in their home town or state?

We need to pray for our country.  God is allowing things to happen. He's been told by people that he's not welcome in schools, public and government buildings.  Then people have the nerve to say Why would a good God let this happen?  First we tell him he's not welcome, then we are angry that he's not doing something in our lives.  Do you want Him or not?  You have to make up your mind, American people.

Blessing of the Day: Annie and Stas assured me things will be fine.  They are prayer warriors for me.
Family time with March Madness brackets.  We're all competing with each other.
Fun family time yellling at the players or refs on TV.  Playful fun yelling at each other for our picks or something silly our team has done.  Good Times!

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