Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Election Day in Ohio

This is so sad. Has there ever been a time in history where people DIDN'T want to vote in droves like we have today? God, please save America.

Scripture verse of the day: We need to watch our tongue.  Sometimes being immersed in the world with TV and the way people live and talk is a bad thing for us.  We may start to speak like them to fit in.  We need to remember, what goes in comes out.  We must work hard to keep in mind Jesus is right beside us, at ALL times. He will help us.

This is something I should print out and hang where I can see it multiple times a day.

I needed to be reminded of this today.

Here are the macaroons Sarah and her friend, Bekah made last night. Yum, don't they look good? The middle of the cookies is buttercream frosting colored with food coloring.

I think I'll hang this too so when I am sad over losing someone, I can read this and say, until we meet again, not good-bye.

This is a card I made using the colors for today's challenge.  The colors were, crumb cake, cantaloupe, and sahara sand. I watercolored this scene once I stamped it.  This was sent to a woman who is battling cancer.  I don't really know her, but sent her a card months ago through a need posted on the stamp site I belong to.  I've just kept making a card for her and writing in it.

This is a picture of a local personality with a zoo key in his hand, and the talk box you make talk by turning your zoo key.

Aaron Shust has so many amazing songs.  This one is called, Ever Be. Give it a listen and see what you think.

Blessing of the Day:It was a PJ's Day today!  Yup, I'm still in my pj's.

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