Sunday, March 13, 2016

Several Videos and Things Made

I wrote about the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo yesterday and look at what was posted today.

Here's Grace Anna, one of the sweetest little girls from Kentucky that is getting through her struggles of life singing.  Take a look.

Joey Feek was laid to rest at her home. So sad, but what a testimony.  I have to tell you that this may bring you to tears. I also confess I didn't watch the video posted.  I couldn't face it yet.

It's been a blah kind of weekend. Rainy days don't help either.  God is right by my side, even if I can't feel Him.  I need to get back to first thing quiet time each day.  I know I'm to blame, not Him.
I need to remember this as I get side-tracked with other things.
I love this picture as it reminds me exactly who I am. It gives me strength and focus.
God knows......My sweet Sarah Annie brought me another beautiful plant.  How did she know I needed cheering up?  She also included this little chipmunk who holds onto the edge of the pot.  Thank you Sarah Annie and God.
This is the card I made for today's challenge.  The pink card is what I CASED. You are to change several things to make it your own.
This is a battered box I made for Easter treats. It's a quick, easy project.  Annie, do you still have little boys that make things for their mama?  Let me know and I send the supplies for this.

This was to show how to color and image without marker, watercolors or any other color medium.  You color the chick with a small flower image.  It give the bird more texture.  What do you think?

Sometimes we get lost in ourselves and find it hard to look at others.  The best way to get yourself out of the dumps is to do something for someone else.  As a Christian, I try to do things for others when I see a need.  My kids grew up with this teaching.  Even if it's to leave a restroom better than you found it, that counts.
Here's Jason Gray with a beautiful song called, With Every Act of Love.  Enjoy it.

Blessing of the Day: Tim made lunch for the two of us.
Sarah bought me a flowering plant and a cute chipmunk for the pot.

 Blessings to you,

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