Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cornicopia of Things

I just got one of these Stirrup Hoes for weeding and it took about 5 minutes to weed the garden.  It was also the FIRST weeding of the season.  It's very easy to push and pull.  It makes short work of weeding and so much easier and faster than weeding by hand.  Check this out.

Here is one of the big events this school does annually.  I used to work at it when my kids went there but now I just donate to it.

I laughed out loud when I saw this.  I know some people who do this as well.

One of my friends posted this and I loved it!  Just get me a dr.'s note and I'll be on my way to some place warmer!

Here is the group called, The Tokens, who originally sang this song.  Check this out. Many older people heard this version before The Lion King was made.

This would be a good image to hang up to remind me of God's love and protection.

Verse of the Day: This is really a beautiful verse.  It shows how we are changed when we accept God's free gift of salvation.  Our old self falls away and our new self begins living God's way.  It's sad but true the fire and living for God seems to slow down but not burn out.  The idea is to rekindle your love of God by communicating daily and reading His word daily.

One of the most important things new believers need is a mentor who can help them understand what they read and help them get into a study group and help them develop the habit of reading their Bible every day.

Sometimes when I sturggle, I get frustrated which sometimes leads to anger and upset.  When I heard this song by Hawk Nelson, I understood that all of the things we go through are how God uses these experiences to mold us into the person we need to be.

Today's been a quiet day. This morning Tim and I worked outside.  He took down the picnic table that was originally build in 1997 by my brother. It was a house warming present of sorts.  I worked in the garden with my stirrup hoe and was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy it was to use.

I didn't make any cards today.  I was putting together some cards for an order I have, but not creating new ones.  Tomorrow will be a stamping day.

Tim and I went to Longhorn Steakhouse in Strongsville.  I always get a filet which melts in my mouth like butter!  Speaking of butter, I order mashed potatoes and they come with butter through and through.  We haven't been to Longhorn in a long time.  Sarah won't go back there after she got steak stuck in her throat and between me and a taller man, we heimliched it out of her.  What a scary time that was.

Blessing of the Day: I got a great weeding hoe and I had a wonderful date with Tim at Longhorn Steak House.

I also got to talk to my sister in Columbus about her father-in-law coming out to live with them.
I talked to my dear twin in Wisconsin the night before.
I got to pray with both of them on the phone.  It's interesting, no matter who I pray out loud with, I always have tears when I finish.

Thank you for dropping by.

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Unknown said...

Wow! did you know that Neil Sedaka was with The Tokens at the beginning.... before they recorded Lion. And The Tokens are still in business touring?
that one guy in the video, sitting with the hat/watch cap on, probably didn't know how in-style that look would continue to be.
Thank you for lovely thoughts to start the day.
the stirrup looks interesting. may have to get it for my sil.
May Giod bless you and your lovely family!