Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Peace, Be Still and Pray

God brought this in my quiet time.  Remember when the disciples and Jesus were in the boat and a storm came upon them?  Jesus said, "Peace, Be Still!"
That's not just for that event, it's for us as well.  I'm so busy with 'life' that sometimes it's hard to slow down.
God holds me by my right hand, and afterward he will take to into Glory.  Oh what a day that will be!

I know death is a difficult topic.  Tim and I both look at life like, what's the worst that can happen to us in any situation? If death is the worst that can happen we know we will be in Heaven.  It's very difficult for the one left here, but we know one day we'll be in heaven as well.

If I could only remember this. I usually become fearful or angry when I don't understand things.  So glad that I can pray to God any time and any where and he'll help me through.  His plan, his timing.
I saw this and thought it would be good to post.  It certainly applys to all of us.
Can you imagine the ripple effect your prayers have?  We'll never know who has been affected by our prayers.  

While talking about prayer I found this.  Isn't it incredible to know that your prayer life affects others?  The reverse is true as well, We will keep going tomorrow because someone prayed for us!
Something to think about.

God's love never fails.  This is an older Newsboys song but filled with hope.

Blessing of the Day:  Time with Ben going to Hollo's and Hobby Lobby, having lunch and cutting the grass. Thank you Lord for this time.

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