Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Cavs Break Another Record! 25 threes!

The Cavs had 25 three shots which breaks the record for the number of 3's made in a game!  Incredible game tonight Cavs!

Check out this video and feel the excitement tonight in Cleveland.

This is how Cleveland was lit up tonight.

I read this often when I was working.  Many days it was hard to work for the people I worked for.  Teaching was one of the hardest professions in our world.  It is micromanaged by so many people that it's a wonder any teaching gets done at all.  It's amazing teachers come back year after year of being abused by parents, boards of education, news media, state and federal authorities.

No other profession has so many people telling them what to do.  You'd think since we teachers are adults and have trained 4-6 years in college, we'd be trusted to do the job we signed up for.  Apparently as teachers, we can't be trusted to do what's best for kids.

Instead we're told what to do, what to teach, what to say and how to teach.  Do we question how doctor's do their job? Do we ask firefighters to bring down the number of fires they have to put out?  Do we tell dentists that their percentage of cavities must go down or their pay will be cut?

Many teachers are stuck in the system until they retire.  Some retire early because they can't take it anymore.  Some leave teaching after several years of teaching knowing they can't take another 30 years or so of this abuse.  There will be a teacher shortage and then state and federal legislators will wonder why....none of the teachers will wonder.  They will be in new jobs or sitting at home collecting their retirement pay.
Every day, especially in Spring, I marvel at all that God does to reawaken the earth and fill it with flowers, birds, baby animals and sunrises and sunsets. There are days it truly takes my breath away.

I just got this stamp set today.  It is retiring from SU. Each time I saw it in the catalog I liked it but didn't need another 'flower' stamp. Well, I finally caved and got it.  This is for the sketch challenge on SCS.  I used Copic Markers to color it.

Verse of the Day: God gives us free will in our lives.  We are free to chose Him or deny Him.  We can't blame God if choices aren't made for living for Christ.  We all get to pick, yes or no.  How can it be God's fault you go to hell, if you've been given His Free Gift of Salvation and YOU have Rejected it?

Blessing of the Day: Tim helped Brianna and Sarah put in their garden. He helped them fence it in and get things ready for planting.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Friday is the next Cavs/Atlanta game in Atlanta.  I can't wait!

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